Elongated Skulls and the Paracas skulls EXPLAINED

If you look at all the pictures of aliens most of them will look like they have elongated skulls as shown below: If you look at the skull part to the left of the picture it resembles Paracas skull as shown: Now this is an amazing coincidence or were the Paracas people aliens or alien…

The Nephilim

If you are reading this right now then I presume you know what a nephilim is. You may have guessed from the picture, which is fake by the way, what a nephilim is. For those who need a little bit more information. On onlinedictionary.com nephilim is defined as “of uncertain etymology; much disputed.” It does follow-up…

Jason Colavito

Jason Colavito is one of many writers and skeptics who I believe is well verse in Explaining the truth behind many so-called fringe claims. His study and detail to debunk such claims are well researched. On his site you can read about his many blogs on many different subjects. I personally think he has a great mind in this area and I unashamed to called him an advocate in this genre.

Thinking Too Far Outside the Box

To be honest I love a good conspiracy theory. In my younger, more influential, years I believe in many conspiracies, if not all of them that I came across. JKF Assasination, The Reptilian Elite, Princess Diana, Pearl Harbour, Chemtrials, New world Order, The Moon Landing, Area 51, Roswell, 911 and so on. I would like to…


The Ica Stones are a large bunch of andesite stones from the Ica Province of Peru. Dr Javier Cabrera Darquea collected a large amount of these stones most coming from a farmer named Basilio Uschuya.  Dr Javier popularised them because of what the stones showed from carvings of dinosaur looking creature. This was clear proof…


Before we dive into how I am going to let the internet EXPLAIN why Jade Helm was never a threat to American Democracy let’s go over what it was supposed to be all about. Jade Helm 15 was a US military training exercise taking place across seven states. Starting on 15 July and running to…

Common Sense

“Nonsense is so good only because common sense is so limited” George Santayana   Welcome to my very first blog/post ever. My name is Feric Tjauw. I am a school teacher from New Zealand. Recently, a friend sent me a website that I found very unreasonable and lacking common sense. The website was based around…


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David Icke Debunked

David Icke genuinely believes that Reptilian Hybrids secretly rule the world and that there is plenty of evidence to support his claims.

Science versus Pseudoscience

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines pseudoscience as a system of theories, assumptions, and methods erroneously regarded as scientific

Ancient Code

The Website Ancient Code is a website from which they state, “Deciphering History Together. Archaeology, History and the Unexplained phenomena. The Black Knight, Facts, Pyramids and more”

Captain Disillusion

Captain Disillusion is Alan Melikdjanian. Alan is the creator of the YouTube web-series Captain Disillusion, a comedic series of videos promoting critical thinking and skepticism.