The Ica Stones are a large bunch of andesite stones from the Ica Province of Peru. Dr Javier Cabrera Darquea collected a large amount of these stones most coming from a farmer named Basilio Uschuya.  Dr Javier popularised them because of what the stones showed from carvings of dinosaur looking creature. This was clear proof that man DID exist when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. It is all clearly explain at the following site, Link

Ica_stones3.JPG300px-ica_stones20 icastones01.jpg

However, as always when impossible things like this seem to appear they are eventually discredited as fakes and hoaxes. It was soon admitted by Basilio Uschuya that he created the stones and carved the fantastic creatures himself. Now the odd thing is that there are thousands of these stones with carvings not so mysterious. So we can only assumed that the stones that have dinosaurs carved into them were carved by Basilio Uschuya and his wife. Luckily, scienctists did analyse the mysterious Ica Stones that displayed dinosaurs and came to the conclusion that they were carved in modern times. The main evidence that these stones are fake are:

1.) Basilio Uchuya and Irma Gutierrez were two Peruvians who claimed to have made the Ica Stones. At one point, Irma claims to have made all the stones.

2.) The Institute of Geological Sciences in London examined one of the stones and confirmed it was of modern origin.

3.) The original owner of the largest collection of stones, Dr. Javier Cabrera Darquera, was a bit eccentric. He believed that men and dinosaurs did live together, only he believed that they lived together 65 million years ago. He was known to be a propagandist for his stones.

4.) The Nova program, “The Case of the Ancient Astronauts,” proclaimed the stones to be frauds. In this programme, Erich Von Daniken presented evidence for what he believed to be ancient alien astronauts. The Nazca Lines are part of the evidence. Dr. Cabrera is also shown with his Ica Stones depicting surgeries and men with telescopes explaining that aliens must have been responsible for this level of technology. After interviewing Dr. Cabrera, the programme moved to footage of Basilio Uchuya who claimed to have carved the stones, whereupon the programme declares them to be frauds. This can be see on the following link on a Youtube Clip 44 minutes into the clip, Link

Here are some sites that debunk the Ica Stones for further proof:

  1. From Archaeology Fantasies Website, Link
  2. From Wikipedia, Link
  3. From Paleo, Link



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