Captain Disillusion

Captain Disillusion is Alan Melikdjanian. Alan is the creator of the YouTube web-series Captain Disillusion, a comedic series of videos promoting critical thinking and skepticism.

His explanations of various web-based phenomenon are well researched and translated through visual effects. Check out his website or have a look at a few of my personal favourite clips he has cleverly debunked.

First I want to show you the over exposed reptillian secret invasion through different celebratities. Captain Disillusion explains what this conspiracy is all about and how it can be explained.


One of my favourite topics is Time Travel. How great it would be to travel around time and see and journey to periods past and future. However, Captain Disillusion explains how photos and film, claiming to show proof of time travelers, are just simple photos with simple explanations.


I used to believe ghosts were real. Well, at some stage in their lives people must have believed ghosts were real, especially when you were a kid and you were simly to afraid to go to the toilet because it was too dark and the ghosts would get you. Here is another Captain Disillusion clip proving that some ghosts can easily be EXPLAINED.


I love Viral Videos. I especially like the ones where you know it must be fake but you simply don’t know how they did it. Well here is a couple of Viral videos that Captain Disillusion has EXPLAINED.

Again I remind you I have Captain Disillusion’s entire Youtube series on my Facebook Group page at the following link. Link



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