The Nephilim

If you are reading this right now then I presume you know what a nephilim is. You may have guessed from the picture, which is fake by the way, what a nephilim is. For those who need a little bit more information.

  1. On nephilim is defined as of uncertain etymology; much disputed.” It does follow-up with various examples and origins of the word but not once does it mention the link with giants, Link
  2. On nephilim is defined as “A race of humans mentioned in the Old Testament, described as being physically impressive and heroic.” Again no connection or mention to giants, Link
  3. On nephilim does mention giants but there is a catch. “Nephilim were offspring of the “sons of God” and the “daughters of men” before the Deluge according to Genesis 6:4; the name is also used in reference to giants who were said by unreliable witnesses to inhabit Canaan at the time of the Israelite conquest of Canaan according to Numbers 13:33″ Link

Now there are many sites that do mention the nephilim as being giants and I will not argue that particular point concerning those particular sites. I will however, will argue that like many stories from the bible there is not one shred of evidence to show that the nephilim existed. But what about all the big prints and huge skeletons they have found all over the world, you say. Well there is in fact more evidence to suggest that not one of those supposed skeletons is real and the big foot prints have either been proven to be faked, a natural occurrence, and simply people wanting to believe they are giant prints when in fact they are not.

First let me share some Nephilim theorists thoughts on the matter.

  1. This first one is from Richard Vizzutti who is a nephilim believer. His main evidence of proof is the bible. Now when it comes to the bible for a historical reference and a reliable source I can only say that the Bible is not a reliable historical source because it does not meet the standard criteria of source reliability used by historians. The Bible is not, as many believers assume, eye-witness testimony. New Zealand does not allow the bible to be used as a reliable source and the Supreme court of the Untied States has also opposed the bible being used in such a way. However, read Richard’s Blog and judge for yourself, Link On this topic I bring you to our ever popular site Ancient Code who also believe that using the bible as a reliable source is evidence of the nephilims existence, Link
  2. We need to remember that the word Nephilim comes straight out of the bible, so without the bible we wouldn’t have the nephilim. It is there not unusual that a lot of nephilim devotees are Christians themselves. I have read many Christian websites claiming that the nephilim were real. Let’s face it you wouldn’t be a true Christian if you didn’t believe everything that happened in the bible was true. Now in all honestly you do have to type in the word Nephilim to find a Christian website that will discuss this topic. I found this weird. Either Christians want to avoid this topic like the Crusades or they simply don’t believe the Nephilim existed. Here is a Christian website that does believe in the Nephilim and brings up plenty of evidence to prove they did exist, Link

2 Comments Add yours

  1. it depends which version u read
    Genesis 6:4King James Version (KJV)

    4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

    so as you can see it clearly refers to giants – and because some photos on the net are fake it doesnt mean all are ?


    1. I agree with you that in one of many different interpretations of the bible it does mention the Nephilim are all giants. However, the biggest misconception to your proof of the bible, from which again I must emphasize is not a historical proven text especially the book of Genisis, being accurate is that earlier versions of the bible in Greek and Aramaic clearly define Nephilim as “The Fallen”, “to Fall”, “the fallen ones”, “The dead ones” The KJV Bible is only 400 years old. It’s interpretation was made by scholars who had to argue and debate what each word actually meant. This was not or has never been considered a definitive process to define words from the bible. You can read about controversy of King James Bible here:

      Photos on the internet will always be scrutinized. These days, images on the internet can so easily be manipulated that we can no longer consider Nephilim have been discovered for certain. I agree with you that large skeletons have been discovered. But None have been found to equate to the size of a so called Nephilim. These findings are so few and limited that either through Conspiracy Theory; the archaeology elite is covering it up or that there is simply not enough evidence to suggest that the Nephilim existed outside of biblical interpretation and therefore is simply a story from a book. There is a simple equation to prove giants did not exist in the past: evidence + confirmation & and scientific analysis = proof. All the proof that is supposedly all over the internet has either been discredited, faked, considered as hoax. You show me Nephilim that has been confirmed to be a Nephilim then we can start discussing a logical dialogue about it. But until then all you have is proof from the bible and a newer version of the bible at that and some pictures that show large skeletons that do not resemble anything like a Nephilim describe in the bible. Even Goliath was small compared to a Nephilim. The conclusive proof that Nephilim did not exist is not one Scientific organisation, archeaological establishment or Any government department has acknolwedged these beings to have existed. If your argument is that not all photos can not be fake, then you must also resign to the argument that not all evidence can be hidden away from the public and that there MUST be some prrof out there. But there is none except on Conspiracy Theory sites which are the least credible sites.


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