Before we dive into how I am going to let the internet EXPLAIN why Jade Helm was never a threat to American Democracy let’s go over what it was supposed to be all about.

Jade Helm 15 was a US military training exercise taking place across seven states.


Starting on 15 July and running to 15 September, 1,200 troops performed drills that could be used in warfare, including covert surveillance. The exercises took place across private and public land, in states across the south-west.


  1. According to conspiracy theorists, Jade Helm was a sinister plan to take control of Texas.
  2. It was to Impose martial law in all seven states especially Texas.
  3. It was meant to take everyone’s guns.
  4. It was supposed t ship everyone off to Wal-Marts  that are actually military control centres and (b) FEMA concentration camps for political prisoners. 
  5. It was also meant to acclimatize people to martial law in America.

Jade Helm officially ended September 15 2015. I am currently writing this on the 28th April 2016 and it amazes me that individuals still believe Jade Helm is still continuing in its sinister operations but will take full effect just before the next US Presidential elections so that Barack Obama can stay in office for life. Now this remains me of those End of Days Preachers that, throughout the ages, were completely certain the world would end and that Jesus would be returning. There have been over 1000 confirmed dooms day preachers throughout history and yet here we are. How many Jade Helm conspiracy freaks believe that it is going down August this year? Are they building their bunkers? Are they storing up supplies when it begins? Funny thing is there are not many that are showing it, although social media went off during the operation? Where did they all go? How do they feel now? Amazingly some believe the government forces backed down because the citizens made such a fuss about it. Coincidently it ended when it was supposed to end.

Now it is sometimes good to oppose something you truly believe is wrong. I oppose our Governments policy for giving more power to the banks. However, when a deadline passes and nothing happens that you have been expecting to happened there really is no point to continue the rhetoric. My Pseudoscience friend is one such person. I find his logic and understanding of the situation so inconceivably incoherent that he truly is the definition of a pseudoscience, paranoid, closed-minded, ignorant…etc, etc. I will be bringing my friend up a lot as I find him to be the perfect case study of everything I tend to disagree with.

First I would like to share some sites that clearly show how conspiracy theorists are still not over Jade Helm:

  1. From Jade Helm News, Link
  2. From Conservative Tribune, Link
  3. From The Common Sense Show, Link
  4. From Rumor Mill News, Link
  5. From A Truth Soldier, Link

If you get through the above sites without going completely bonkers of the amount of crazy published on each site, you would have notice a clear link with each one. You can actually go to any of a number of similar sites and you will quickly see a clear link. Some sites even borrow the exact material and use it on their own sites. Each of these sites are Right Wing, Militia, Conspiracy Theorists sites that attract a certain type of person and dangerously feeds them this paranoia. Now let me share with you some sites that explain what Jade Helm was about and how it wasn’t one big conspiracy:

  1. From Rational Wiki, Link
  2. From The Washington Post, Link
  3. From The New York Times, Link
  4. From Discovery News, Link
  5. From MSNBC, Link

Now carefully look at these sites that dispute Conspiracy Theorists. They are Reputable websites that are usually unbias. Who who you believe more. Well if you’re a ring wing anti government conspiracy nut of course you wouldn’t believe main stream media because they all tell you the same lies. Check out this one lies from five different conspiracy theory sites:

  1. From Trad Cat Knight, Link
  2. From One Political Plaza, Link
  3. From News Watch Report, Link
  4. From White Nations, Link
  5. From Conservative Patriot Blog, Link
  6. From Watcher Forum, Link

I especially love how even the White Nation website gets involved with the conspiracy. Who would have thought it?


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