Elongated Skulls and the Paracas skulls EXPLAINED

If you look at all the pictures of aliens most of them will look like they have elongated skulls as shown below:


If you look at the skull part to the left of the picture it resembles Paracas skull as shown:


Now this is an amazing coincidence or were the Paracas people aliens or alien hybrids. Now there have been many Ancient Alien Theorists who have suggested that these skulls are clear evidence that Ancient aliens were present in ancient times in the Paracas area.

From the website Ancient Code they have gone so far as to claim these skulls are a new species of humans that were so different to other humans at the time that the could not interbreed. There claims come from a DNA test done one of the skulls that suggested just that. You can read all about it here, Link However these claims have already been debunked from several reputable websites stating that the DNA actually showed that the person who supposedly did the DNA tests, Brien Foerster, was a shady guy who had no access to the skulls in the first place and would not or could not show what skull he got the DNA sample from.

On a website called Pure the Week, opinion writer Rachel Chase, brought up several amazing points. First she was amazed how some people jump on the band wagon when an amazing or unbelievable story breaks out without doing their research into the topic first. Not only was this clear in Ancient Aliens Theorists sites but some reputable sites too! Secondly she too discredited Foerster for being so unreliable and an obvious charlatan. You can read her incredible article here, Link

There is one obvious flaw in comparing these skulls with aliens and that is simply this, only a few people claim to have ever seen aliens before. Not all of them look like the skull but most do. We have seen many pictures of these aliens but not once have we ever seen any real, clear obvious pictures of video of aliens. Now if we are ever to presume these skulls are somehow related to aliens then we need certain proof to tell us what these aliens actually look like before assuming these skulls have anything to do with aliens. Another good read for debunking Foerster’s claims are from my reason for starting this blog site Ancient Aliens Debunked, Link

Now my friend who truly believes in the Nephilim would and I believe did put this on his website. DNA evidence showing that these skulls came from a race 3000 years ago not relating to human at all must be huge for the Nephilim community. Here are some good reads from around the net that claim that the skulls must have been the nephilim:

  1. From Infowars, Link
  2. From Humans Are Free, Link
  3. From News 24, Link

I must add at this point that Nephilim are supposed giants. If you compare these skulls to a human skull these skulls do not come from skulls of giants. Looking at the picture below you can see that the skulls are similar in size and that the only part of the skull of the Paracas skull is the protruding elongated skull towards the top:


There have been theories of how the Paracas skulls look so unique and why and how these skulls came about. I will go through the most popular theory. The theory that scientist have deduced is that the Paracas people purposefully manipulated their skulls from childhood until the skull remained and stayed the shape that the adults wanted the children to look like. This can be read about on Wikipedia, Link There is a lot of evidence that this was credible and the only way the Paracas people would have done this. There are a lot of respectable and trustworthy sites that show how and why people did this. There is simply no mystery, and movies like Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skulls certainly don’t help the matter even though it was quite entertaining. Here are some of those sites and related information on Artificial cranial deformation:

  1. From bbc.com, Link
  2. From medscape.com, Link
  3. From atlasobscura.com, Link
  4. From academia.edu, Link
  5. From afritorial.com, Link

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