Jason Colavito

Jason Colavito is one of many writers and skeptics who I believe is well verse in Explaining the truth behind many so-called fringe claims. His study and detail to debunk such claims are well researched. On his site you can read about his many blogs on many different subjects. I personally think he has a great mind in this area and I unashamed to called him an advocate in this genre.

Jason wrote The Cult of Alien Gods: H. P. Lovecraft and Extraterrestrial Pop Culture (2005) and is a contributor to Skeptic magazine. His accurate claims have seen him receive much hatred from the fringe community, Link However, if you read and analyse his text carefully a lot of the stuff he says has been investigated with a fine tooth comb. It is no wonder the fringe hearsays are a little freak out over him. His retorts have more substance and proven evidence than crazy hearsay and comments that have been well-known to be fake years before.

I would highly recommend visiting his site, Link His logic and retorts to various individuals are so well organized, you’ll want to read about the next one straight away. Here are a few of my favourite topics from Jason’s website that I enjoyed reading myself to get you going:

  1. The first one is about Helen Matias. Helen is a fringe writer who believes Giants existed long ago. These giants were in part known as the Nephilim and were mentioned in the Bible. Jason shares a recent blog about where she gets her ideas from and why they are completely untrue, Link
  2. This next one speaks for itself title, “Nephilim Theorists Claim Obama and Antarctic Nazis Are Trying to Resurrect Underwater Nephilim Corpses”Link
  3. This last one I love. There are so many reasons why. It’s about Shane Warne, an Australian Cricket great who has more than often put a foot in his mouth so many times over. Shane Warne admited on a reality show that he believes in Ancient Aliens. Now he may have said it to boost ratings for the show, but you wouldn’t really admit something like this to the whole of Australia who see you as a cricketing legend and now may see you as a crack pot. Here is the link, Link

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