Ancient Code

The Website Ancient Code Link is a website from which they state, “Deciphering History Together. Archaeology, History and the Unexplained phenomena. The Black Knight, Facts, Pyramids and more”

It is a very popular site from which I find fascinating and farfetched. However, it is professionally put together and have numerous contributors from different walks of life.

I chose this site to Explain most of their articles for in my younger days I would have found this site absolutely enthralling and would have defiantly come to believe everything on it.

They have a section called UNEXPLAINED. So where to better start my  retorts than right here.

The first entry I would like to discuss is there article on “The remains of 9,000-Year-old man-made structures lay at the bottom of Lake Huron, Michigan” Link In short they claim there is a stonehenge like structure, a mastodon carving, and the whole structure seems too complex for the people of the time to have had the knowledge or technology to build.

Stonehenge like structure. These are the pictures they didn’t show of the Stonehenge submerged under Lake Huron.

According to the following photos,



I would have to bite my tongue and say that these structures do look like Stonehenge. However, in the article the author mentions that this alone clearly shows how sophisticated these ancient people were. After much research I discovered that thereare many such structures around Lake Michigan that are just as old. Link

As for the mastodon, I believe it is a simple case of Pareidolia. Case in point. Here is a picture of the so-called carving, see if you can see the mastodon?

77e7903b5f64433059dbfda90b410153 underwater petroglyph mastodon lake michigan_zpsnzkf8wz6

Now here is what you are meant to see as a carving of a mastodon:


I know you can obviously see it in the second picture, but then, you are meant to. In this picture they have shaded the carving a little lighter and have added in precise black lines so that you have no doubt that this is indeed a picture of a mastodon. I would like to point out that I agree that through pareidolia it looks like a creature of some sort, but it isn’t a picture of a mastodon. There are TWO significant feature that this so called carving has that mastodons do not. First, mastodons had very long tusks. In fact their tusks were longer than their trunks. In this picture you can see this creature doesn’t even have the trunk of a modern elephant. Secondly, mastodons have small ears. This creature has the ears of an African elephant. Let me show you exactly what I am talking about. The picture below is what we have come to know of what a mastodon would have looked like:


Now compare this picture to the so called carving above and you will come to see that if at all a carving the carver was not carving a mastodon. However, I can bravely say that this is not a carving at all but a simple mind trick called Pareidolia. Pareidolia is the phenomenon of recognizing patterns, shapes, and familiar objects in a vague and sometimes random stimulus. Let me show you a few examples you may know through the years:

Mars Face:


The Badlands Guardian:


Mars Pareidolia:

Mars Anomalies Round 2

Relgious Pareidolia:




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