David Icke Debunked

Who is David Icke?

I first heard about David Icke when my brother gave me this book to read:


He told me it would change my way of thinking about life and people around me. I started to read this fascinating book and my brother was right. I began to think that Lizard people were out there and were beginning to take over the world. The was more than 30 years ago and they still haven’t done it.

David Icke genuinely believes that Reptilian Hybrids secretly rule the world and that there is plenty of evidence to support his claims.

These days I find David Icke as a complete…! He ideas and assertions are so over the top that he was considered insane at one point, Link

After growing up and eventually assimilating rational thought and common sense I learned how proposturous David Icke’s view points were. I would like to share the following sites with you that debunked David Icke’s insanity:

  1. David Icke Debunked by Chris White, Link
  2. The Guardian Article, Link
  3. From Quora.com, Link
  4. From Thrive Debunked, Link
  5. From LiveLeak, Link

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