Thinking Too Far Outside the Box

To be honest I love a good conspiracy theory. In my younger, more influential, years I believe in many conspiracies, if not all of them that I came across. JKF Assasination, The Reptilian Elite, Princess Diana, Pearl Harbour, Chemtrials, New world Order, The Moon Landing, Area 51, Roswell, 911 and so on. I would like to think that all of the old conspiracy theories have run their course and have been debunked. But I am here to show how conspiracy theorists are reaching the bottom of the barrel to inform their readers about things that seem so outrageous I really don’t know how people could believe in some of the things that are suggested.

Now to it is important to know the topic you’re trying to debunk. I would think through my entire time believing in conspiracy theories I have accumalate enough knowledge to know what is wrong and what is completely wrong. Case in point let me share a Facebook Group called Killuminati Soldiers of Truth, Link Here are some posts they have put up on their group:


Here is how this Conspiracy Theory cam about. The United States of America consists of more than just the 50 states. The United States of America consists of 50 states, 1 district and 5 territories. The District of Columbia is the district and the 5 territories are Guam, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands and American Samoa. The sole district and the 5 territories are just as much a part of the U.S. as the 50 states.
When your in those locations your not in a foreign country but in the U.S. For example, Hawaii was not a state but a territory when it was bombed by the Japanese during World War 2. But it was undisputed that the U.S. had been attacked even though the part attacked was not a state. Territory, state or district, it’s all part of the U.S. The District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands and American Samoa may not be states but they are still very much part of the United States of America


This is far from true. In fact most of the world believed Gaddafi’s continental currency would have backrupt the participating countries, Link In fact this idea has become so controversial that another less than trustworthy leader has thought about bringing up the same idea, Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe, Link


Certainly, the United States has a strong say of world affairs. And it does seem to conincidently put its nose in when things don’t seem to go its way. However, England and the Vatican are far from second and third place. There are many checks and balances that keep the world as stable as possible. And Englan and the Vatican are a fraction of that. However, it seems that even the United States wants to back off from policing the world, Link

These are just three conspiracy theories I found beyond incomprehensible from a single site. It has much, much more riduiculous theories however, I would like to show you more from other popular sites around the net.

  1. Inforwars Link is a popular site with a strong fan base arounf the main protanganist of the site Radio Shock DJ, Alex Jones, Link Here are some truly outrageous claims that Alex Jones has put out there through his website Infowars:
  • Boston Marathon Bombong was orchstrated by the US Government, Link
  • Thomas the Tank Engine (Childrens Show) is sexiest and racist, Link
  • Jesus was a HERMAPHRODITE, Link

2. Rense Link is designed and inspired by Jeff Rense. The site has got tremendous success and is boosting its website traffic by providing the best to viewers and writers. Here are some articles they have put up on their website:

  • The Devil Rules the World, Link
  • Hitler didn’t want World War, Link
  • Bus Family Funded Adolf Hitler, Link
  • Nasa find 1,750,000 year old man made bridge, Link

3. Above Top Secret Link was registered in 1997 by Simon Gray, but he didn’t actually start developing the site until 1999. I love this site as anyone can write anything they so desire and it would be classified on the site as a real conspiracy. Here are just some conspiacies that made me LOL:

  • Jesus is an Alien, Link



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