Ancient Aliens

I LOVED this series. I would record each one and take everything, that each presenter said, as absolute truth. Then a couple of years ago I discovered on Youtube a documentary called Ancient Aliens Debunked. Not only was this documentary an eye opener, it seems more plausible than the actual Ancient Aliens series. In this post I would like to share the Ancient Aliens Debunked Documentary with you.


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The documentary is over three hours long. It is split up into 18 parts on Youtube. So I am going to post each part on this particular blog to make things a little easier to look at, at your leisure.

We begin with the introduction where Chris White, the narrator and creator of the series, tells us why he wanted to present the opposite view of the original series.

Part 2 in the documentary is on the ever popular site Puma Punku. On the Ancient Code website Link you  can read why Ancient Alien theorists believe why the ancient civilisation used modern technology or that Aliens were directly involved in creating it.

Part 3 in the documentary is one of the Seven Wonders of the World – The Pyramids of Giza. On Before It’s News Link say they have proof the Pyramids were built by Giants. And again on Ancient Code Link they give 25 facts which are supposed to suggest that man could no way have built these magnificent structures.


Part 4a and 4b in the documentary is about the ancient city of Baalbek. According to Humans Are Free Website Link  Baalbek was not only an Alien Sanctuary and Landing Spot.

Part 5 in the documentary is about the Incan Megalithic Sites. If you visit the Message To Eagle Website Link The article claims that the Incans had the technology to melt rock and reshape it to whatever they wanted the stone to look like.

Part 6 in the documentary is about Easter Island. One of my more enjoyable reads was by a person named Dee Finney. Dee has compiled a large amount of evidence to suggest Easter Island has a undeniable connection to Extra Terrestrials. Link

Part 7 in the documentary is King Pakal and his Rocket Ship. Again I go back to my friends Ancient Code to show what Ancient Alien Theorists believe, Link

Part 8 in the documentary is on Nazca Lines. Ancient Code website would have us believe that the lines were runways for ancient vimana, Link

Part 9 in the documentary is on the Tolima Fighter Jets. The Ancient Aliens Documentary itself explains it best how these artifacts are obvious modern jets. 

Part 10 in the documentary is on The Egyptian Light Bulb. Ancient Code would suggest that the Egyptians had electricity, Link

Part 11 in the documentary is on UFOs in Artwork. This one really bemuses me. After all this time we have never seen or have any kind of evidence that UFOs exist why do people think that people of the past saw then painted UFOs?

Part 12 in the documentary is on the Crystal Skull. Now I now for a fact that all the Crystal Skulls including the famous one in this documentary have already been debunked by scientist using X-ray diffraction discovered carving marks on the skulls they had access to, Link

Part 13 in the documentary is about the popular Bible belief of Ezekiel’s Wheels. Ancient Alien theorists believe this is proof that UFO’s once visited the past through biblical eye witness, Link

Part 14 in the documentary is about ancient Nuclear war. I really can’t believe people think this is even possible, but unfortunately there are, Link

Part 15 in the documentary is about the Vimanas. The following site is everything you need to know about the Vimanas, Link

Part 16a and 16b in the documentary is about the Annunaki. Ancient Alien theorists believe that the gods of Sumerian, the Annunaki, were in fact Aliens from another world and that there is plenty of evidence to prove it, Link

Part 17 of the documentary covers the Nephilim. There are plenty of sites the covers this popular subject. Even one of my friends who truly belive the Nephilim existed in the ancient past has his own site to prove the existence of the Nephilim, Link

Part 18 of the documentary is the conclusion of the documentary.


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